How much does it cost to make a video?

How Much Does a Video Cost?

There is such a thing as a general price sheet with links to the videos already produced and their respective prices attached. Prices are typically broken down into ranges since the same exact video can be produced at different price points depending on the specific content requirements and amount of resources provided by the client. For example if the client provides actors, or location, than obviously that can save some money and we would be able to provide the same video without adding the cost of actors or location costs, which can sometimes range in the thousands of dollars on top of the production cost of the video.

At Click Play Films we are able to work with many budgets and can even produce videos for as low as $3,000 and as you will see sometimes costs can go as much as over $100,000.

Regardless of the cost of the video you can trust that our creative direction and overall quality will always be the same. Prices are mainly justified based on the following aspects of the video:
• # of days of shooting
• Complexity of the shots
• Size of crew
• Amount of equipment and size of crew used: (sometimes all we need is 1 cameraperson and 1 camera, sometimes we need a 10 man crew with several rigs and extensive lighting set ups, sound technicians, etc.
• Type of Equipment: the finish of the video depends on the type of camera used… but we always use top of the line SLR cameras that produce an extremely high end look and feel.
• Amount of creative input. If we are shooting a very simple half day shoot of just interviews and simple b-roll then that would be very inexpensive, however, if we spend a lot of time developing scripts and storyboards and the overall concept, than that will also need to be calculated in the final price.
• How much editing and Visual FX or animation and graphics are used in post production
For animation you have to consider:
• how much creative direction we will need to create from scratch
• how detailed and extensive each frame is… is it a blank background or will we need to illustrate a detailed environment
• style of animation: 3D is more expensive than 2D
• the length of the animation
I hope this draws a clearer picture of how complicated pricing can get and why we can’t just show a simple pricing list as each project we produce is unique in its own way. In most cases we start with the client’s budget and design a treatment for the video based on what they can afford. Many times it comes out looking like it cost a lot more than what they paid for. Getting more bang for you buck really all depends on the production company you choose. In most cases if you choose a great production company, than you should get a video that looks more expensive than what you actually paid.

In conclusion, you should always have the following 2 questions at least ball parked before pursuing a production company:
Do you have a budget in mind?
Are there any specific videos you liked that you would like to imitate for your own production?

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