Understanding the Process of Digital Storytelling

Understanding the Process of Digital Storytelling

Video production is an intricate process of putting together a series of clips and footages and creating a full video out of it.  This process is practically the same regardless of the type and length of the video that will be produced.

The video production New York process can be broken down into three general phases: planning, production, and post-production phases.  This encompasses everything that needs to be done from the planning up to the time that the video is released to the client.

The art of making videos begins with an idea.  For most media production companies like video production New York, this phase starts with consultation sessions with the client, discussing the general themes and direction that the client wants, and turning it into a plausible concept.  The storyboard and the script are then created, evaluated, and finalized. This phase also involves casting all the needed performers and selecting the members of the production crew.

This pre-production phase includes all the preparation needed before the actual shooting can take place.  For some projects, this involves picking out one or several locations where the shooting will take place.  For animated videos, this is also the stage where all the sketches and graphics are made and finalized.

The actual production phase begins after all the preparation is done.  Raw footages are captured in the chosen locations.  This is where the directors and performers come into play.  For video production New York, choosing the right cameras and having the best camera crew who can capture every angle becomes very crucial at this point.  Scenes are shot numerous times until the desired outcome is achieved.

When all the scenes are completed, the raw videos are then taken to the editing team.  This team puts together all the scenes and images.  The audio is added, edited and synced to create a cohesive video output.  For some projects, this stage is where the special effects are incorporated into the existing video.

The process may be arduous.  It does take quite a lot of time, effort and resources to make a successful video.  Moreover, it needs the collaboration of various skilled artists to put together and create one remarkable video.

Having a film that expresses and brings to light the message that the client wants to convey is something exceptional.  With video production New York, if the video achieves this, then all the hard work is well worth it.

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