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Why Is It Important To Get Los Angeles Video Production Services?

Why Is It Important To Get Los Angeles Video Production Services?

Marketing and video is a perfect duo. It’s like pen and paper, jelly and peanut butter, or coffee and donut. As a result, getting Los Angeles video production services is essential for people in the marketing industry.

Videos are not new to us since we have been watching different sorts of videos on various media platforms. You have viewed videos on the television and the internet, especially on mainstream social media sites like Facebook and Snapchat.

A videos is convenient for consumers since they can watch it even though they are doing other tasks. Other than that, it can also attract customers to buy your products, and they can even share it with others. Since videos are shareable, more and more consumers can watch your video and can be enticed to buy your products or services.

According to Diode Digital, online videos are 600% effective when compared to other media like direct mail and print.

 If you get Los Angeles video production services, you will be able to enjoy the following advantages:

  • Studies show that 46 percent of consumers will be more enticed to buy a product if they have watched a video about it.
  • Ninety percent of consumers have stated that product videos are a big help in making decisions about purchasing the product or not.
  • You may be already familiar with YouTube, which is the most significant online video platform. However, did you know that it is also one of the biggest search engines on the planet? It ranks second to Google. This means that videos posted online, especially on YouTube, can have a significant effect on your marketing strategy.
  • If you post your marketing videos on YouTube, you can enjoy the 50% traffic that YouTube gets. As a result, the exposure of your brand increases when you post videos on YouTube.
  • According to studies, a person can only remember 10% of what they have read in 72 hours. On the other hand, if a person views a video, 95% of it can be retained on the viewer’s mind after 72 hours of seeing it. In connection to that, videos are useful in providing information to consumers since they are more likely to be remembered. This advantage is more than enough for you to decide on availing of Los Angeles video production services.

If you are in the marketing industry, then it is essential to get Los Angeles video production services for your video creation needs. Hiring a professional video producer can help you in enhancing audience engagement through high-quality content or videos.

Viral Video Production

Viral Votes: How Video Production Has Changed the Face of the 2016 Election

With the primaries right around the corner, election season is definitely in full swing. As the spotlight is turned up on each candidate, more and more viral videos are being created and released that both promote and disparage the others’ campaigns. While content may be what viewers click for, the quality of the clip is what keeps them coming back, sharing, and “liking” these videos. With candidates such as Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Ted Cruz making daily meme-worthy comments and working the crowds for the cameras, production of short, viral videos has become the latest medium for public opinion to be heard. As of January, campaign ads were some of the most watched videos on YouTube and even resulted in the streaming media site selling out of its reserved ad time, something never before seen by the company. According to Google data, Americans have watched over 110 hours of campaign videos, and candidates are now searching out video production teams to create streaming content to help boost their social media presence and campaign following. Based upon data from Borrell Associates, campaigns have spent upwards of $300 million for online advertising, much more than they’ve spent on newspaper and radio ads, combined. YouTube has even developed two separate teams, Republican and Democrat, to handle the influx of 2016 campaign marketing. Information is now transferred to the public in unprecedented waves, thanks primarily to viral video marketing and the instant gratification of online data sharing. Whereas in previous election years a candidate would have to rely on ratings during prime television viewing hours to gauge voter interest, they’re campaign teams can now create a video (similar to the now viral Donald Trump “Eagle Thwap” video) and have a candidate’s following skyrocket or plummet by the end of the day.