Taking Content to Heart

Tears flow, tissues are pulled, sitting on the edge of your seat, sweat pours. The content of a video can elicit strong emotion or evoke the need for a product that transcends all fiscal responsibility or logic. Advertisers and content creators want to avoid the pitfalls of creating stale or “manufactured” subject matter; the kind of material that leaves the viewer feeling like they’ve wasted time they’ll never get back, or leaves them with a bad taste for the company in general. What steps should one take to make quality content? The first step is to depict genuine emotion and show the viewer real human spirit and experience. Viewers want to be engaged in the story and the have their interest peaked. Marketers want the viewers to be drawn to their client’s product and to build a brand for the company. The quality of the content produced needs to be true to the demographic to which it is aimed. Today’s consumers are no longer easily fooled by visual gimmicks, especially when the product has more than a material quality. Click Play Films is one company that has made its name through quality content that adds an emotional aspect not always seen from video production teams. Even when the content for the client is traditional (i.e. interview/B-roll video), CPF puts passion into the material to connect the client, the audience, and the production team, as demonstrated in CPF’s video for FriendsofRockaway.org:

There have been many commercials in years past that exude the kind of emotion that may have felt heavy-handed back then, but now, would be the kind of sentiment for which consumers yearn.

Researchers have found a correlation between the content of videos and the decision making process of the audience after viewing it. Negative content causes the audience to close-off their want for the material being presented, while positive content inspires strategic decision making. Companies who focus on what sets their product above others, rather than painting a bleak picture of the competition, have more success reaching with their audience base. Negative content leads consumers to feel alienated and angry, marginalizing them to a certain style of living or suggesting that they are not worthy of the product being offered. A studio sized budget is not needed to create quality, emotive, and engaging content. All that is required is a desire to reach the audience in a positive way, with sincere, heartfelt, mentally stimulating material.