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Communication Through Video Production in Los Angeles

Communication Through Video Production in Los Angeles

Scott MacFarland of Huffington Post wrote, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a moving picture is worth a million people.” How true is MacFarland’s statement? In this digital age, media sharing has become easy and available. This technological innovation has made the young people of today a “visual generation.” YouTube, a video sharing social networking site, has been the most popular platform for video sharing, and thus video production in Los Angeles should focus on captivating these millions through moving pictures.

It has become beneficial in the field of business, entertainment, and education. Now, going back to MacFarland’s statement, there is some truth on the matter that “a moving picture is worth a million people,” as most popular videos have millions of viewers.

What You Should Take Note

Video production is the creative process of producing video content. It is similar to filmmaking, but video production uses both images and videos, while filmmaking heavily relies on recorded scenes. But both of them must tell a story. Below are some key points that you need to familiarize to know video production in Los Angeles works:

  • Production scale – this may range from a small scale to a large scale. The scale depends on the size of the job. Small scales usually require one person, medium scales require a crew of two to three people, and large scales need a complete team of five to six people.
  • Video type – there are different types of videos, and the list is not exhaustive. It depends on your needs. Typical examples are wedding coverage, explainer videos, advertisements, etc.
  • Style and techniques – this depends on the creative team of the production team. The method and technique applied, of course, will depend on the needs of the client. Shots maybe wide-angle shots, motion shots, stable shots, etc.

Animations Give You Plus Points

If you want to impress a younger audience, using 2D or 3D animation will do the trick. Children are more attracted to animation in general. Video production companies like Click Play Films offer this kind of service. Moreover, if you’re a business and you want to introduce your product or service to the people, explainer video production with motion graphics or whiteboard animation would be more effective than just explaining it in text.

Taking Promotions to the Next Level

Advertisements have been a profit driver for most businesses using promotional videos to market their products or services. Commercial projects in New York City still generate positive feedback since quality has always been the priority of the company. Moreover, promotional videos tend to quickly capture attention if produced in a way that will arouse the viewer’s interest.

Though photographs may bring a rush of memories, videos have more impact. May it be a memorable event or a promotional material, video production in Los Angeles is becoming more and more important in today’s generation. Rather than just seeing a still image, being able to see and hear the past will definitely trigger your emotions.

Advantages of Using Los Angeles Video Corporate Production

Advantages of Using Los Angeles Video Corporate Production

Small to medium enterprises would have to battle their way to establish their brand, particularly in California. With the big names in business, it will be a challenge for them to be known. Video is one of the most effective media today, and by showing your company through a video is a way to innovate. You can search for Los Angeles corporate video production, and there will be a handful of options to choose from. Here are few reasons why a corporate video should be considered.

Turn Your Boring “About Us” Section to a Fun and Cool Video

Corporate video is another way to present your company to the public. Rather than reading a long and boring section of “About Us,” why not make it fun by converting that part into a video. Most of the Los Angeles corporate video production companies will say that by producing a video it gives room to employees to loosen up. Making the video is a venue for employees to bond and interact with each other while presenting their business.

You can tell your company’s story through video as well. Your corporate video can be presented in either serious or fun way. Either way, both will remain professional to viewers.

Search Engines Are Leaning Towards Videos Nowadays

Videos are equipped with tags. It presents the idea of SEO or search engine optimization. With a well-presented video, you can associate it with more tags giving high rankings in search engines. No need to worry even if you have a small business. By trapping a niche on YouTube, it puts you on the right track. Remember that YouTube is part of social network, and it allows you to connect with followers expanding your network.

Corporate Videos Can Be Easily Shared on Social Media

Social media is the new newspaper. If you have a catchy corporate video, there is a big chance that it will circulate soon. People will talk about it, and that will work in your favor.  You can request your chosen Los Angeles corporate video production team to share your corporate video on their social media page as well. That is free marketing for you.

Corporate video is the edge your company needs. To help you with this, CLICKPLAYFILMS is a Los Angeles corporate video production company. They offer a variety of videos under the corporate video category such as recruitment and educational video.