Quick (and cheap) ways to get help with your NYC video production efforts

It doesn’t take much for any new york city video production project to really start to get very, very expensive – especially if you are shooting on location, take in all kinds of permits, higher expensive talent, and have a bunch of managing every aspect of the project while you attend to other important business matters that play better to your strengths.

Thankfully though, New York City is a hotbed for creative talent looking to develop, and there are plenty of people – and even a handful of NYC video production companies – that are going to be very, very happy to help you bring your video project to life as quickly as possible and without blowing up your budget along the way. new york city video production

Here are some tips and tricks to help you out!

Work with NYC video production companies that employ students

There are a couple of different advantages that you will be able to leverage when you choose to work with video production companies that hire students, but the biggest advantage has to be that these kinds of companies are almost always a lot less expensive than the rest of the pack.

On top of that, students are going to be learning about film every single day they are in school, learning about the ins and outs of video production, and likely have a real passion for this kind of work that grizzled veterans of the production world may not. This kind of enthusiasm can help carry projects that would have otherwise turned out quite stale if you went the traditional route.

Find talent – on-screen talent – online

Sure, you can always go the Craigslist approach and try to hire NYC film students to act as your on-screen talent, but you may be very disappointed in the kinds of results you end up getting.

Thanks to modern technology and social media today, however, it’s never been as easy as it is right now to locate, communicate with, and higher on-screen talent. You’ll be able to connect with actors and artists that are looking for work, many of them more than happy to do the job at a lower cost than it would have ever run you to hire a professional, and some of them may even be willing to take on the project just for the experience.

This will help you save a mountain of money that you can funnel directly into your video production costs in other areas, getting even better results than you would have been able to otherwise on a shoestring budget.


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