6 Powerful Reasons Business Owners Should Be Doubling-Down on Video Marketing this Year

If you are looking for a way to significantly improve your brand’s reach this year, you can’t beat the power of video outreach. No content format will keep eyeballs on your business longer than video, making it the marketing tool of choice for a growing number of business owners. If you have yet to make the move to video and need further convincing of its incredible marketing power, consider the following six reasons why video needs to be an integral part of your growth strategy this year.

1. Consumers Prefer Video Over Text

Video marketing is likely to have a much higher return on investment than traditional text-based content marketing. Today’s mobile-enabled consumers tend to prefer watching videos rather than reading blog posts and articles. The chances of getting your content in front of consumers increase greatly when you opt for video instead of text-based content.

2. More Social Shares

Video isn’t just for content marketing. You should incorporate video into all aspects of your marketing strategy including your social media outreach. You’ll enjoy more social media shares when you opt for video over other static content formats.

3. Better Retention

Content offered in video format is likely to be retained more than content offered in text-based format. Consumers retain information they see in video format more than they retain information read on your company blog or on your LinkedIn page.

4. Click Play > Read More

Potential customers are more likely to hit the play button on a video than they are to click on the ‘read more’ button on a blog post. If you want your brand’s message to spread further and faster, create a quick video instead of writing a new post for your business’ blog.

5. Better Click Through

Video is great for SEO. When consumers are searching for answers on Google, they are much likelier to click on the videos atop their search engine results than they are to click on a blog post or news article. If you want to outrank your competitors for the same search terms, try creating detailed and engaging videos.

6. Boost Email Marketing Open rates

Video is an awesome way to boost your email marketing open rates. Chances are your email subscribers will click on an email newsletter that contains video before they will click on an email newsletter without video.

These are only six of many ways video can supercharge your brand marketing. The sooner you realize the potential of video for brand building, the sooner you can put this powerful marketing tool to work for your company. Is this the year double-down on video outreach for your business?