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Understanding the Process of Digital Storytelling

Understanding the Process of Digital Storytelling

Video production is an intricate process of putting together a series of clips and footages and creating a full video out of it.  This process is practically the same regardless of the type and length of the video that will be produced.

The video production New York process can be broken down into three general phases: planning, production, and post-production phases.  This encompasses everything that needs to be done from the planning up to the time that the video is released to the client.

The art of making videos begins with an idea.  For most media production companies like video production New York, this phase starts with consultation sessions with the client, discussing the general themes and direction that the client wants, and turning it into a plausible concept.  The storyboard and the script are then created, evaluated, and finalized. This phase also involves casting all the needed performers and selecting the members of the production crew.

This pre-production phase includes all the preparation needed before the actual shooting can take place.  For some projects, this involves picking out one or several locations where the shooting will take place.  For animated videos, this is also the stage where all the sketches and graphics are made and finalized.

The actual production phase begins after all the preparation is done.  Raw footages are captured in the chosen locations.  This is where the directors and performers come into play.  For video production New York, choosing the right cameras and having the best camera crew who can capture every angle becomes very crucial at this point.  Scenes are shot numerous times until the desired outcome is achieved.

When all the scenes are completed, the raw videos are then taken to the editing team.  This team puts together all the scenes and images.  The audio is added, edited and synced to create a cohesive video output.  For some projects, this stage is where the special effects are incorporated into the existing video.

The process may be arduous.  It does take quite a lot of time, effort and resources to make a successful video.  Moreover, it needs the collaboration of various skilled artists to put together and create one remarkable video.

Having a film that expresses and brings to light the message that the client wants to convey is something exceptional.  With video production New York, if the video achieves this, then all the hard work is well worth it.

The Perks of Getting Professional Video Production Services

The Perks of Getting Professional Video Production Services

Everywhere we go and look, the advent of digital storytelling is evident.  From children’s storybooks and educational materials to advertising campaigns and product tutorials, the use of videos to tell a story and instruct people have been found to be highly effective.

Nowadays, video cameras are easy to acquire because of its relative affordability.  When smartphones and multimedia gadgets were introduced to the public, capturing videos became all too easy for just about anyone.

While most people have easy access to digital video equipment, professional video production companies continue to flourish and provide exceptional services to the public.  The flourishing Video production New York companies attest to the increasing demand for the professional services that they provide.  Videos and animated productions made by these businesses are carefully crafted using the best equipment available alongside a truly outstanding creative team.

Businesses and sales companies mostly benefit from corporate marketing using advanced digital advertising.  These companies can make their products and promotional materials are known to the public more creatively and attractively.  The use of digital media in advertising and marketing allows companies to reach more people without having to hire more employees, thereby significantly decreasing their operational costs.

These companies, like the Video production New York, also rely on video production companies for creating videos for internal affairs.  These videos are usually used to train and educate employees.  Other agencies provide videos which emphasize the thrust and vision of their organization to inspire and empower their staff.  The inspiring effect of videos that are meant to boost the morale of the personnel cannot be taken for granted.  Corporate leaders know that these ultimately lead to better productivity and a healthier working environment.

Video production New York companies are also valuable partners of event organizers, both for corporate and personal events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.  Most couples share their love story with their guests on their wedding day through a video presentation.  These videos become instant memorabilia as they get to watch it over and over again through the years.

Corporate establishments, educational institutions, and private individuals all largely benefit from the presence of highly skilled professionals who can be trusted in making films and video presentations according to their needs and preferences.  For some, these Video production New York outputs allow their businesses to grow and gain popular attention among its prospective customers.  For others, these videos provide a tangible link to their past.

Video Production Companies New York: How to Strategize Videos

Video Production Companies New York: How to Strategize Videos

Video production companies New York may be what you need for stellar marketing videos that are viewed. With them, you don’t have to be stressed about using your Smartphone to capture short and interesting videos for your customers.  Additionally, you don’t have to buy a video camera for a better sound. In short, there are so many benefits to hiring a professional than shooting the videos yourself. For a better look, here are some things they can include in your video marketing strategy.

What to Include in Video Marketing

1. Set A Publishing Schedule

Your business videos should have legs. They must be shared on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  They must be a part of a campaign series. These videos should also tell a story in multiple parts over several weeks for engagement.  Video experts can set a schedule for your content and help you strategize campaigns to keep your brand fresh for your viewers’ eyes.

2. Educate Customers

Do you want to explain how a particular service can help people solve their problem? You can hire video production companies, New York, to create a video about some useful information about your product while encouraging them to buy it.  For example, if you’re selling a dog shampoo, you may want a video to explain the proper ways of shampooing a pet.

3. Always Add Fresh Content

Don’t make a onetime video for your website, but build an audience with new videos uploaded to your site on a regular basis. You can add this in your blog section and share them on social platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. Including regular video content on your site will give customers a boost. Finally, you can encourage people to sign up for your YouTube channel.

4. Display A Product Or Service

An effective video campaign that video production companies New York can help you with include displaying or highlighting a product or a service. This type of video can give prospective customers a sense about the products they are interested and things that make them interesting (features).

5. Create A Testimonial

Let customers talk about your product or service.   This approach can be even better than a written testimonial on your website.  What to do is interview a few customers or encourage them to upload their videos while using your product.

Creating a video for business might sound easy, but it is not.  Consider following these tips in strategizing video content and making it work to your advantage. If you’re ready to talk, get in touch with expert video production companies New York today!

New York Video Production Services: Boosting Video Results

New York Video Production Services: Boosting Video Results

If you’re thinking about hiring New York video production services, then you are making a good move. They know how to make videos work and how to do video marketing in boosting your efforts. These services can provide you with an alternative to writing posts and blogs.  The following are some tips shared by these services in using the power of videos.

New York Video Production Services: Making Videos Work for Your Business

1. Use video testimonials. These testimonials can let customers talk about your business. They can show others how your brand has helped them with their problems.  They can also highlight the benefits they got from your product or service.

2. Create an educational content.Help customers understand how to use your product. These videos can provide them with tutorials or value. Creating a valuable content also helps in customer service particularly in the case of frequently asked questions.

3. Support marketing campaigns with videos. A well-produced video can be a pop-up on a page. It can invite more signups for your newsletter and encourage customers to buy your main products or services.  For the best results, the video must have a call-to-action.

4. Use the video to establish your position in the field. Do you want to show that you’re an expert or an authority in the field of law or financial consulting? Create a video to show just that. It can be a two-minute video or a series of short videos to illustrate your services. For the best results, share the videos across social media channels and include them on your home page.

5. Add the video to your newsletter email. Reach more customers and extend your relationship with them through adding a video in your email. It can boost the open rate of the email, eventually improving your results. Additionally, make sure to analyze your emails and from there come up with the video topics most interesting for your subscribers.

6. Shoot a video of a key people in your field. Interview an expert and record it in a video. This type of video can give your viewers a new look at the information you can provide them with and establish your reputation.

These are only six ways on how to boost results from your video marketing efforts. You may want to ask help from New York video production services for useful advice and insights on what works best for you.  If you’re ready to talk, call up New York video production services today!

Tips to speed up video production New York projects

Working with the very best video production New York companies is always a huge advantage when it comes time to have your video projects completed successfully and to your exact specifications – but that doesn’t mean that these kinds of projects always go as quickly or as smoothly as you’d hope. video production New York

At the same time, there are definitely some things you can do to dramatically speed up video production projects in New York City. We’ve included a handful of the most important tips and tricks we’ve gathered over the years below!

Have multiple video production New York teams working concurrently

If you have the budget to pull this off you’ll be able to dramatically speed up all of the video production New York projects you are trying to successfully complete, often times cutting the schedule down by 50% or more depending upon how many other teams you can bring in.

There is a reason why Hollywood blockbusters have multiple assistant directors and multiple filming crews all shooting footage at the exact same time, after all. You may not have the budget of a Hollywood blockbuster, but even just having a secondary team gathering footage while another team works on the editing and production can cut your project timeline down significantly.

Have “dailies” uploaded online so you and your team can review them

Thanks to high-speed Internet today (even on our mobile phones) it’s now possible to share high-definition video projects effortlessly and instantly. That means you should be able to view dailies” of your work – basically rough cuts of the days footage as the footage is being captured or at the end of each workday, which will significantly speed up your production timeline.

This gives you the opportunity to review the footage with your team even if you are nowhere near the video production company you have hired to knock this project out for you. You’ll also be able to keep open lines of communication going and speed up the back and forth that is always required of projects of this magnitude.

Outline the project in crystal-clear detail and keep your project running on schedule

Finally, you want to make sure that you sketch out the entirety of the project in as crystal-clear detail as humanly possible. This will allow everyone to get on the same page but it also gives you the opportunity to kind of wrangle things in if the project starts to get out of control.